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Rules & Regulations

Visiting Hours:

For Child-Meeting or official purpose only: All weekdays between 10:00am – 02:00 pm and 04:00pm-06:00pm
For Visits on Sunday/Public Holidays: 10:00am to 06:00pm (With prior appointment only)

Calling Hours:

On Working Days: Morning 08:00am- 09:30am, and Evening 05:30pm-9:00pm
Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) & Holidays: Morning 9:00-11:00am &Evening 05:30pm-09:00pm


The institute will celebrate Birthday/traditional festivals/ national festivals and important days; Parent and guardians can participate and contribute towards celebrations with
prior permission only.

Seeking Appointments:

Parent/Guardian may seek appointment with the project coordinator.

Leave application:

Parents/guardians must apply in writing/email from registered email address for leave of the boarders in prescribed format.

Serious illness:

We will ensure first-aid, basic consultation and admission to local private hospital. However, on
advice of doctor(s), parent(s)/guardian has to take charge of the boarder within 24 hours of
intimation for any serious illness.

Medical bill reimbursement:

The cost-incurred in the treatment must be reimbursed by parent within 10 days.

Replacement of uniforms and dress:

For accidental wear-n-tear uniforms/dress replacement will be done with prior notice to parent(s)
within a week the reimbursement shall be claimed from the parents.

Crisis Management:

In event of any unforeseen happening institute will take every care for wellbeing of the boarders;
however, parents will be required to take charge within 24 hours of notice.

Progress Reporting:

Quarterly progresses reports will be sent to parent/guardian vide email with a feedback form.
Parent feedback will be considered in programming for the subsequent program improves

Grievance reporting& reprisal:

To be entertained at:
(a) Registered whats App numbers- 9812089840
(b) Official email address –
(c) Online/website at Parents corner –
(d) In writing
(e) In the Parent-Warden and Activity Teachers Meet scheduled every 6 months

Reprisal will be taken up by the warden/management within reasonable time frame under
intimation to parent/guardian.

Right to withdraw:

Parent can withdraw within 24-hour notice; however, the registration, annual fee and monthly
fee will be not be refunded and monthly fee will be applicable for the whole month.

Right for termination:

Despite all professional and personal efforts, in event of repeated failure in improving quality of life of the boarders OR inadequate improvement in development and skill areas OR challenges in management of the boarder in group situations; the institute will reserve the right to withdraw the boarder from its roll, by giving prior notice of 02 months/60 days.

Medical supply / Medicine fee:

(a) Medical supply to be responsibility of MWH as per prescription provided by the parent.
The amount incurred towards the same will be reimbursed by the parent.
(b) Direct parent supply on monthly supply

Important: No medication without valid prescription will be administered.

Admission material list:

– Family Photograph
– Any recreation/leisure item of choice of the boarder
– Toiletries Kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit,
– Grooming kit – hair oil, Vaseline, body cream, face cream, sunscreen lotion, comb, nail cutter,
– Dresses –
o Civil dress – summer – 4 pair
o Civil dress – winter – (pullover 2, jacket-2, cap-1, muffler-1)
o Underwear – 6
o Banyan – 6
o Handkerchief – 6
o Thermal upper for winter – 3
o Thermal lower for winter – 3
o Socks -6
o Belt – 2 nos
o Bath slipper – 1 pair
– Stationary – dairy, register, pencil box, colour pens, crayons, water colors, art book,
workbook, story book/magazine, craft kit etc.

List of uniforms to be supplied by institute:

– Yoga and Jogging dress (upper & lower) – 1 set
– Indoor activity dress (upper & lower) – 2 sets
– Outdoor activity dress – 2 sets
– Indoor activity shoe – 1 pair
– Bath towel – 2
– Hand towel – 4
– Track Suit winter – 3
– Blazer – 1
– Sweater – 2
– Jeans – 1